Munnharpan bistro

What: Munnharpan bistro in the Harpa Concert Hall.
Where: Austurbakki 2, 101 Reykjavik
When: Opening hours: 09:00-22:00. Kitchen’s opening hours: 11:30-22:00.
Info: The Munnharpan café is located under Harpa’s magnificent glass facade and offers a stunning view over the city centre. The restaurant’s vibrant atmosphere bustles with daily life and you can sense the eager anticipation in the air before a performance. You can enjoy French and Danish inspired cuisine. On sunny days in the summer, guests can savour their refreshments on the outdoor terrace while enjoying the view and the weather. The name Munnharpan stems from a play on words, since munnharpa is the Icelandic for harmonica and is a composite of “munn(ur)”, meaning mouth, and “harpa”, which refers both to the instrument and the name of the building. This playfulness is the underlying concept of the restaurant, which offers excellent service, combined with a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Tel.: (+354) 528 5111,

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