Reykjavik visual art guide it’s a project about mapping the Icelandic city using visual art.

Exploring the city looking for a different point of  view, is the mission for a group of people/artists coming from all over the world.

If you are used to think out of the box than Reykjavik visual art guide it will become the perfect company for your travel in Iceland.

How this works

The center of Reykjavik was dived in four section, and the areas that we consider in our route are the

1. DOWNTOWN * the oldest part of the downtown

down town (1)

2 CITY CENTER * east middle part / the shopping center

city center-03

3 HARBOR *north/seaside/Harpa


4 UNIVERSITY * south part

university-03 (1)


We worked with volunteers  coming from Russia, Korea, Japan, Italy and Netherlands that were invited to explore the downtown of Reykjavik and collect photo, video, sketch, gif and visual material focus on five topics:

# Art ( museums, galleries, street art, street segnals, monuments,houses )
# Nature ( flowers, gardens, parks, seaside, landskapes )
# Food ( food, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, pub, fast food, supermarket),
# Shops
# Nightlife

Add to this topics our explorers provides to make a portrait of People who lives in the downtown, so in this section of our blog you will find videos, photos, sketch of Icelanders from the city. 

Then you will find a selection of #patterns #feelings #social living.

We hope you will enjoy Reykjavik as we saw it, trying to show you from a creative point of view.


Visual art guide team leaders

Annalisa D’Urbano & Ellen Gerritsdóttir

email info|

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